My close circle of amazing humans doing good things in the world

cousin shannon.jpg

Shannon Brown

My amazing cousin who never stops inspiring me. 

Shannon holds breathwork circles in Auckland and is also a Spiritual mentor & channel.

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Lukis mac

My soul brother. We both grew up in West Auckland. Its a privilege and a pleasure sharing this amazing journey with him

Lukis is a fellow breathwork practitioner and doing big things in the world.

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Helle Weston

My good friend who always keeps it real and always a pleasure to have deep chats with.

Helle is a women's empowerment coach and a fellow breathwork practitioner travelling around the world spreading the breathwork vibes

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Anna squelch

My friend who is always so super honest with me and calls me on my shit and holds me accountable for what I stand for.

Anna is a health and wellness coach and holds her own style retreats in Bali

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Loren Honey

My open hearted wild woman free spirited friend. We are super close and support each other through this journey called life. We also facilitate workshops together.

Loren is a women’s empowerment coach, Reiki practitioner and also hosts women’s goddess circles in Auckland.

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