Freedom. I believe we all desire freedom. To live a life that is truly authentic to ourselves and feeling completely secure with who we are.

Freedom. To live our life how we want, to express ourselves how we want and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks of us.

Freedom. When what we think, what we say and what we do are in true full alignment.


Sick of trying to be 'the man' knowing that's not who you truly are deep down? Are you bored with the same old day in and day out life routines and wondering if that's all there really is to life? Worrying what other people think of you all the time? Tired of feeling trapped in your given life situation and thinking there is no way out? Stuck in your head and going around in circles? 


Well there is a way out! It starts with taking ownership of everything that is happening in our life and from there we can identify what is working and what isn't working anymore. 


By moving away from focusing on what we don't want in life to shifting that focus on what we truly want and then start taking action is the beginning of the path to freedom...



Freedom from: 

  • Limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams

  • Unhealthy relationships

  • Confidence issues

  • Unfulfilling careers

  • Repetitive thought patterns which keep you stuck

  • Unhealthy behaviour patterns which are keeping you from your truth

  • Unexpressed emotions and feelings

  • Self doubt and low self worth

  • Fears that are holding you back from showing up in the world

  • Trouble speaking your truth and expressing yourself to the world

What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true ability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.
— Tony Robbins

Why work with me?

I know what it's like living a life that feels unfulfilling and always having a sense that there is more but not knowing how to get there. Working a job that was not fulfilling, the same endless life circumstances thrown in my face, the same recurring relationship patterns, a constant feeling of disempowerment and the list goes on.....


I Grew up in a society which has lost it's sense of true masculinity and with very few positive role models for the younger men. I spent my younger years trying to be the 'man' that had come before us by hiding from my feelings, drinking alcohol every weekend, fighting and acting macho all the time, chasing women to have meaningless sex with them etc etc.... And I tell you what!! None of that shit worked, I never felt a sense of fulfilment and that was not where true happiness or freedom is. I was powerless so...... 


Eventually one day I had enough and started a new journey in life by taking my power back. The major part of that was by actually feeling my feelings and emotions and no longer running from them. It lead me down many new different paths that were unknown to me, it even had me travelling around the world learning about myself. There was lots of failure along the way but I kept at it and never gave up for one second. My mistakes were some of my biggest lessons and it is by learning from them that I gained inspiration and the drive to help other people from going down the wrong road or staying stuck in unfulfilling lives.


It was by embarking on that new journey to self discovery and self empowerment that I now have my dream lifestyle. Having built myself up from the bottom and knowing what it takes to get there gives me deep understanding and empathy with mens struggles in life. 


Working together we will build up certain aspects of your life that are keeping you from feeling and living the freedom you most desire and deserve. I will walk beside you as we journey together to build strategies to achieve the goals and desired outcomes that you are looking for. Also establishing your core values and strengths that may have been put aside or forgotten over time and creating a life which incorporates them back into your daily living. 


Life is meant for living, life is meant to be fun. Lets break free of our limits, find that power from deep within us and express our true self to the world. 


Each and every time I work with a client it is different because there is no one box that we all fit into and I'm willing to show up for my clients 100% every time however that may be. We will dive deep together to create your new life of freedom and you'll be supported along the whole way.


It always brings me so much warmth and fulfilment when witnessing someone change and grow beyond what they thought and believed was possible. We each have our own unique skills and gifts to share with the world and now is the time to open up and show the world who we truly are.


I bring my whole skill-set to the table:

  • Skills and knowledge as a life coach

  • Breathwork

  • Qigong and the philosophy behind it

  • Theta Healing

  • Meditation

  • My own life experiences

  • & much more


How we will work together:

          The journey we share together will be for 10 weeks which includes: 

  • 10x 60-90 minute weekly coaching sessions via video call or in person. (Week 3,6and 9 will be a breathwork session)

  • 3x Breathwork sessions. A good way to release any stuck emotions that may be causing disharmony and distorting your truth. (read more about it here)

  • A set of 6 Qigong postures to build your own practice and continue growing long after we have finished working together. Each posture has been prerecorded which I will send you a new one every 2 weeks plus support you with each posture to get them practiced correctly for your body type (read more about Qigong here)

  • Unlimited email support (to stay connected between each call)


The investment:

  • $1200 NZD

  • Payment due in advance or a payment plan can be worked out before we start.


Interested in working with me and want to know more?

Book your free 30 minute no obligation call with me to see if we are on the same vibe