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SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!

Melbourne people…

I am so excited to be bringing this 3 hour breathwork workshop to you.

Breathwork is a healing modality that is taking the world by storm. Why? Because it is so effective! It allows people to heal themselves through the power of their own breath. More and more people are looking for holistic ways to gain better mental health and deep inner peace. Breathwork is a powerful way of releasing old energies, memories and tensions in the body and mind. This results in more freedom and clarity to move forward in life and with that we can then show up for ourselves, our family and community in a more positive and empowered way. 

Breathwork is helpful for:



Trauma release

Connecting to and strengthening intuition

Gaining clarity

Stress relief

Releasing grief, anger & resentment

Connecting to old stuck emotions

Forgiving the past

Gaining body awareness

Breathing problems

Restrictions in the body

and so many more benefits


How does it work? 

By laying down and relaxing the whole body we breathe in a conscious connected rhythm. This breathwork practice is inhaling and exhaling with an open mouth. Relaxing the jaw with our mouth open we inhale taking full body breaths, breathing all the way down into the pelvic floor and all the way up to the collar bones expanding the whole body and then slightly relaxing or surrendering on the exhale. It is a circular breathing pattern and there is no pause between the inhale and exhale, we keep breathing like this for 45-60 minutes. Please note this is not Wim Hoff breathing there are no pauses or breath retention throughout the breathwork journey.

Breathwork is a profound practice which activates and accelerates your natural capacity for healing. This is both a practical and spiritual experience. During this workshop you may enter into a non-ordinary state of consciousness where repressed memories, sensations, images and recollections of the past rise to the surface to be released and or integrated. There is a wide range of possible experiences that can happen and all are welcome in the space. Some participants can experience emotional release, ecstasy, temporary pain which leads to release, release of blockages in the physical and energetic bodies, vocalisation of repressed anger, tingling and buzzing through the body, new insights and clarity for moving forward, spiritual connectedness, a renewed sense of purpose…. Those are just some of the experiences that can happen during a breathwork session.

On May 20 2014 the National Academy of Sciences published a study conducted by Matthijs Kox and fellow peers which showed that by breathing in this way the test subjects were over oxygenating their system which altered the balance between oxygen(O2) and carbon dioxide(CO2). With less CO2 and more O2 in the body it changes the ph level of the blood making it more alkaline, it then activates the sympathetic nervous system which is the house of our fight/flight/freeze response. 

The sympathetic nervous system stores the energy of old traumas that were not fully discharged and completed at the time of the traumatic event. We as humans have a tendency to hold onto this energy due to fears or not knowing how to allow the energy of the trauma to discharge from the system naturally and it then freezes in the  sympathetic system. Once this energy is frozen and locked into the system it alters our thoughts, behaviours and beliefs as we carry on with our lives doing our best to avoid those feelings which are usually related to fear. The frozen energy will stay locked in the system and it doesn’t matter if the trauma happened 10 years ago, in our childhood or 2 days ago it will continue to distort and create an often fear based reality until we are able to access and allow the frozen energy to move. Breathwork is a very effective way of meeting this energy, using the breath to help it unlock and release it from the nervous system, body and mind which results in more spiritual, mental and emotional freedom.

A study done in 2017 by Zen Brain Lab brain mapped participants using this breathing technique 1 hour per day for 10 days to find if there were any significant shifts in brain waves and brain activity. They mapped the participants brains before and after the first session and again mapped the brain after session 10. They found very promising shifts in brain signatures and patterns associated with symptoms including inhibition, disconnection, emotional and physical withdrawal, anxiety, anxiousness, worry, chronic fatigue, depression, low mood, low libido and chronic health conditions. 

Test Results Shown By BrainMaps Included:

• Significant improvement in alpha asymmetry

• Significant improvement in brain over-arousal and anxiety 

• Better brain inter-hemispheric connectivity

• Improvement in alpha dominant frequency

• Significant improvement in beta asymmetry

By using this breathing technique we hyperstimulate the brain sending more blood and energy to all parts of the brain. The Prefrontal Cortex (our conscious, thinking and reasoning part of the brain) allows the doorways to open to the Amygdala (reptilian brain) which is the storehouse of preconscious memories and the Limbic lobe which controls our emotions. By activating these parts of the brain we can access old stored memories and allow ourselves to feel and process the emotions related to them. Again this results in more spiritual, mental and emotional freedom.

Quite often with this type of breathwork throughout the 1 hour journey we can enter into non ordinary states of consciousness similar to a psychedelic experience. This helps us to realise and remember that our consciousness is much larger and expansive than our normal everyday consciousness that we identify with. This can help with gaining more clarity from a higher perspective, understanding our unconscious mind and the symbolism that is speaks to us with, breaking down of old egoic structures that no longer serve us, can help understand and release trauma from the body and mind and many other positive benefits. According to Rick Strassman (author of DMT The Spirit Molecule) because we are slightly depleted of carbon dioxide(CO2) throughout this breathing practice, the body is looking to balance out the O2/CO2 and pulls CO2 from excess Melatonin produced in the pineal gland which is also where DMT is produced. The pineal gland is then stimulated to produce DMT which then starts to excrete into the system and can take us into the non ordinary states of consciousness.

Breathwork is safe. We are actually accessing our own internal healer with breathwork. The body has its own wisdom and is always looking to bring us back to optimal health (homeostasis). Each breather is in control of their breathwork journey and how deep they wish to go into their process. There is no expectations from me (Steven) as your facilitator, my only encouragement is to keep an open mind, stay with the breathing pattern, feel and process whatever comes up throughout the journey and trust the process.

This breathwork workshop is for…

Men and women 16 years and over who have an open mind and are willing to show up for themselves and put in the work.

Breathwork is not for…

Pregnant women.

Please consult your doctor first If you wish to attend the workshop and have any of these conditions... 

Severe asthma

Heart conditions

Severe mental illness issues

Epilepsy or history of seizures

Acute physical injuries

Severe diabetes

Breathwork is to be practiced without the intoxication of alcohol and drugs. (please continue and do not alter any prescribed medication you are already taking)

What to bring:

Yoga mat and or blanket to lay down on.

Journal or writing material to record your experience afterwards (optional).

Water bottle and water.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

How to prepare:

With breathwork you neither want to be too hungry or too full so please eat the right amount of food for you before you come to the workshop.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the workshop. Doors will open at 2:00pm ready for a prompt start shortly after. 

Bring an open mind, bring your curiosity, bring all of YOU and your willingness to show up for yourself on the day and be present with whatever you are feeling.

Location and parking:

SHINING LIGHT YOGA: 2b Elm Street, Northcote


Tram. #86 up High street, to the corner of High and Separation.

Train. Northcote Station.


Suggested that you park at the Coles carpark in the Northcote Plaza across the road.

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If you have any questions please send me a private message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

I look forward to sharing this powerful amazing journey with you.

Much love and respect