Freedom To Be is a 3 hour breathwork workshop that I host internationally.

Why the name Freedom To Be?

FREEDOM is my core value, I live my life by this and always work towards freedom in all areas of my life. I believe inherently all people wish to be free. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. Freedom to live the life we truly desire.

TO BE means exactly that. Be who we truly are beyond all the beliefs, unresolved emotions, trauma's, societal conditioning, old ways of thinking and being that no longer serve us. We have been taught and conditioned that we always have to do something and there are a lot of us who have our nervous system locked on fight/flight response due to old trauma which we can then quite possibly be running from ourselves and the perceived threats, there's no room for just being when we are in that state. When we are always doing, day after day year after year we can easily forget that we are a human BEING and there is a stillness within us which I believe is the true core essence of who we are and that wants to be expressed to the world.

What's this workshop about?

The main focus of this workshop is body awareness, releasing stuck energy from the nervous system, gaining clarity and new sense of self and of course bringing more freedom into your life. You learn the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems by activating them with different breathing patterns. I speak on the science behind breathwork and trauma and how they both relate to the nervous system. You connect with your body on a deeper level with various embodiment and connection practices. There is a full one hour breathwork journey which I give very easy instructions and guidance throughout and then there is a very special integration after the breathwork journey.

Breathwork is a very powerful and practical way to release old stuck energy from the nervous system, which helps to bring us back into balance physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The body is always doing what it can to come back into homeostasis and breathwork is a good compliment to assist the body with releasing and healing. To read more about breathwork click here.

This workshop is a place of safety to explore those deeper parts of yourself that you may not have had access to before. I also keep it light hearted and incorporate my sense of humour into the facilitation.

This photo was taken after a sold out Freedom To Be workshop in Auckland New Zealand. Saturday August 10th

This photo was taken after a sold out Freedom To Be workshop in Auckland New Zealand. Saturday August 10th


What some of the fellow breathers are saying..


Like many women in their mid-30’s I have spent a fair amount of time exploring ways to be the best version of myself. While anyone that knows me would probably say I am mostly upbeat and positive my natural (mostly hidden) emotional composition has been wired to ‘rejection’ which I always assumed I would just have to live with my whole life.

During a trip to Bali I met up with Steven who mentioned the Breathwork workshop he was hosting in Auckland could potentially help. I am pretty open minded, and already had immense respect for Steven so I signed up not really knowing what to expect.

Well, holy shit… I was blown away. Over the course of three hours (*which honestly feels like 20 minutes!), Steven scientifically explains the biological dynamics of the sympathetic nervous system and how breathing works to combat and release trapped traumas. We were also tasked to become vulnerable through a series of group and individual exercises before settling into the breathing therapy itself.

It’s a very personal experience for everyone, and no two breathwork sessions will be the same but for me I can say that the workshop was life changing. Working through the breathing exercises with the guidance of Steven and his team I literally felt the trauma leave my body in a very physical and tangible way. This will sound strange to someone that has not done this before, but to anyone that has experienced Steven’s workshops – you will know exactly what I mean.

Since the first, and subsequent second breath workshop I feel like I have had a fundamental shift in my emotional setting. The sense of rejection that has plagued my life has gone. Because of this I am not as defensive and more able to appropriate my responses with a new sense of calmness. This was literally life changing for me, and I am truly grateful for the work that Steven does. The least I can do is spread the news!!

Sarah Stewart (National relationship manager)


Without a doubt this workshop changed my life in a way I thought unimaginable. With the straight forward, honest, open, real and loving nature of Steven and his ability to tap into ones feelings and emotions he has become not only a friend but someone who I admire. He showed me a way in which I can reach down into the deep dark places of myself where I had hidden so many past events or traumas and he showed me a way to release these. He showed me that the past and certain things that I had experienced were the things that were holding me back from becoming the best version of myself. With going to each breathwork session I have slowly pulled different things out of the depths of myself that I have been holding onto without even knowing. The transformation within myself that I have felt after each session has not only made me happier but has also made me feel more whole as a male.

Knowing when I enter a studio that I have Steven there to guide me through the journey I am about to go on not only puts me at ease but also gives me a sense of calm and knowing that I have a facilitator that will keep it real and honest and will push me to release everything that I can, this type of energy makes me want to go back again and again. I highly recommend having Steven as a breathwork facilitator both one on one and in group sessions.

Zane Munro (Print operations manager)