Breathwork workshops in auckland and Melbourne early 2019


I am super excited to announce a series of group breathwork workshops when I visit New Zealand and Melbourne February and March 2019.

Breathwork is making waves all around the world and changing people's lives for the better. People who are ready for change in their lives and ready to let go of the past the this is for you.

Breathwork is a safe and practical way of accessing the nervous system and subconscious mind where the emotions and traumas are that we have held onto for so long. At the time of the event we usually had no strategy to deal with the emotions that came up so we end up doing what we can by forgetting about it and moving on with life. 

But..... by holding onto those painful emotions we end up building a life around them as they never really leave our system until they have been expressed and the life we have built will be limited and there will be a big chance that we don't get to reach our full potential as powerful human beings.

I have a full page dedicated to the amazing benifits of breathwork you can check out here.


If you would like to ask anymore questions please feel free to send me an email.