Breathwork is a healing modality that is taking the world by storm. Why? Because it is so effective, it allows people to heal themselves through the power of their own breath and it is completely backed up by science so therefore it reaches a wider audience when it comes to personal development.


What is breathwork? Breathwork is a way of accessing the deeper layers of the body and subconscious mind by using conscious connected breath while laying down and allowing ourselves to relax. Why access the body and subconscious mind? Long held unresolved traumas, negative emotions, tensions, fears are all held in the nervous system, in our cellular memory and the subconscious mind. A lot of these stem from childhood or even past lives and if left unexpressed and not healed at the time of the traumatic event happening the trauma and emotions will remain stuck and eventually create our perception of how we see ourselves and how we see the world.


All emotions, even those that are suppressed and unexpressed, have physical effects. unexpressed emotions tend to stay in the body like small ticking time bombs- they are illnesses in incubation


How does it work? By laying down and relaxing the whole body we then start to breathe in a conscious connected rhythm. Keeping the mouth open with the jaw relaxed we take full body breaths, breathing all the way down into the pelvis and all the way up to the collar bones expanding the whole body with the breath. There is no pause between the inhale and exhale so it is a circular breathing pattern. By breathing in this way it floods the body with extra oxygen which then stimulates the sympathetic nervous system (where the traumas and emotions are stored stored). The body will know what is happening and start releasing the long held tensions which may be expressed in many different ways depending on the individual breather and how their body chooses to let it out. 


You may be living a fear based reality due to unresolved traumas of the past and not even know it.


Breathwork is safe. We are actually accessing our own internal healer with breathwork. The body has its own wisdom and is always looking to bring us back to optimal health. Breathing in this way can also take us into an altered state of consciousness. It is in that state the we can meet the much larger aspect of our self to gain new insights of who we really are, make peace with past memories, realise a new truth, gain a new understanding of our limitations and the list goes on...... 

Breath is the link between mind and body.
— Dan Brule

Breathwork is life changing and in this great period of change going on right now on this planet breathwork is playing a major part in helping release the old and move into the new consciousness because change starts with the individual and that ripples out into the world.


Focusing on the act of breathing clears the mind of all daily distractions and clears our energy enabling us to better connect with the Spirit within


I truly believe in breathwork and I am passionate about it. Every time I hold a 1:1 session for a client or hold space for group sessions I am amazed at the transformation that happens with each breather in such a short amount of time.

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Breathwork is helpful for: 

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma release

  • Connecting to and strengthening intuition

  • Gaining clarity

  • Stress relief

  • Releasing grief, anger & resentment

  • Connecting to old stuck emotions

  • Forgiving the past

  • Gaining body awareness

  • Breathing problems

  • Restrictions in the body

  • and so many more benefits


How I hold sessions

It is my job as a practitioner to hold a safe and loving space for the client or group while they go deep into their own process and guide them along the way. 


1:1 sessions will be for 2 hours which will include: 

  • Talk at the start and set an intention for the breathwork journey

  • Time to learn the breathing technique

  • 1 hour guided breathwork journey

  • Time afterwards for integration and a debrief about the experience.


group sessions vary but always include:

  • Group bonding and safe space setting together

  • Intention setting

  • Learning the breathing technique

  • 1 hour breathwork journey

  • Integration time afterwards

  • Debrief about the journey as a group or in smaller groups

Online 1:1 sessions

  • Online sessions will be held for clients once we have had an interview to see if it is right for the client or not


If you would like to know more about Breathwork or want to book a session please send me an email


What my clients say:


"Steve is a rare kind. He made me feel safe knowing that whatever depth within myself I needed to go he would be there.

Steve's loving and strong presence made me feel he has been to much darker depths than most people and turned it into light. Now he is here to support me to do the same.

Thank you for letting me see a part of myself I was previously afraid to"

David Bentley (Embodiment coach and Ted Talk speaker)


My breathwork session with Steven was truly transformational. I’ve done a few breathworks in the past with other practitioners & this one was deeply powerful.

Steven created an honest, safe & open space for me to go deep into my trauma & release it. He is the real deal - a man of integrity who is born to do this work.

Steven, thank you for helping me lighten my inner load & open up my perspective.

Dr April Lotay (DC) (Chiropractor)