Join me in for your own unique 1:1 experience.

Are you feeling like there is more to life and you've had enough of the same old shit?

Are you ready to step up and own your power that has been lost over the years?

Feeling the need to get away and have a break from the normal life circumstances and want some change at the same time?

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Come and hang with me for 4 or 7 days on your own personalised transformational retreat. We will dive deep into those parts of yourself that are not serving you anymore, find within yourself the new ways of being that serve you in a positive way, empower yourself to walk back out into the world on your mission more than ever and ready to share your unique gifts with the world.



By going into old feelings and emotions and releasing them we start to become free and meet new parts of ourselves that are of a more positive nature and thats where your new life begins.


the challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul's growth


On your intensive with me: 

  • We will be doing daily morning qigong sessions to get the energy flowing through the body.

  • There will be plenty of breathwork sessions to dive deep and let go of those old limiting emotions and feelings that have kept you stuck.

  • We will be eating a very clean diet to keep the vibes high.

  • Visits to a very special waterfall and a water purification ceremony. (I have been a few times now and it's next level).

  • A sound healing journey inside of a pyramid.

  • There'll be life coaching and mindset coaching to help reset old beliefs and behaviours into new positive ones.

  • We will be challenging your comfort zone which where I believe true growth happens

  • and of course there'll be plenty of time for rest.

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Sounds intense?

Yes of course but..... these retreats are for those who are serious about doing the deep work on themselves and getting uncomfortable at times. Letting go of old energies and limiting beliefs may not be the easiest task but it is well worth it and creates a whole new reality. I've got your back the whole time and even afterwards when you're home and living your new life by staying in contact and supporting you.


For availability, pricing and further inquiries send me an email.