2. The lead. (Welcome brother)

Dear brothers. Are you tired of the same old shit? Been repeatedly thinking and acting the same way for a long time and know it’s just not working anymore? You’re feeling stagnant and don’t know how to get moving? You know you have so much more to who you are but unsure how tap into your power? You’re realising that society’s old conditioning of masculinity is not your truth anymore? Searching for your mission for this life and you’re ready to take action? Know deep down that you are a powerful man full of unlimited potential ? You’re already on your mission and ready to step it up to the next level? Looking for more freedom to create? Focusing too much on what you don’t want and not getting what you truly want?

I feel you bro. I’ve been there and that is why I offer this work. I believe all Men are powerful and we all have something special to bring into this reality… It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from whether you’re an entrepreneur, tradesman, lawyer, business owner, a father, a truck driver or just starting out your new journey. Change and growth is always possible for all of us...

3. The Story

Right now us Men are starting to awaken and realising that we are facing many problems. This conditioning we Men have inherited by hiding from our feelings, not talking about our problems, running from our past traumas, suppressing our emotions and isolating ourselves is causing much more harm than good. This type of conditioning lead us to believe that we are strong if we keep our feelings in and not talk about them, you are the Man if you suppress any emotions that come up and it’s shameful if we have any trauma from our past. It’s time to break those chains.


Let’s look at these feelings and emotions and traumas as energy. Energy wants to move, it wants to keep creating and flowing and if we continue to keep pushing this energy down it becomes stuck, it doesn’t just magically disappear because we push it down and forget about it. Over time this stuck energy will fester inside of us to create a false sense of reality. No matter how hard we push against this energy it will do whatever it can to come out of us and quite often the energy can manifest as unhealthy behaviours such as escapism with alcohol and drugs, manipulation of people around us, ego inflation by building a false sense confidence, isolation from the people we love and eventually this results in depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety is a world wide epidemic and it’s time to do something about it. We are wasting and diminishing our life force by going against the natural functions of the mind, spirit and body by pushing all that old energy down. We are all powerful Men and could be using our life force to create the life we really want, we could be using our life force to make great positive impact on this planet, it is by having this life force free flowing that we will then be truly on our mission, we don’t even know who we truly are deep down when we are wasting our life force by holding onto this stuck energy, in fact we are hurting ourselves, we are walking around disempowered and doing the world a dis-service by not showing up as the powerful authentic healthy masculine Men that we truly are. The reason I speak on this and the reason I do this work is because I’ve been there bro. I spent most of my adult life with severe depression and extreme anxiety. I thought I was being the Man by keeping my emotions in, isolating myself from my family and friends and being inauthentic to who I truly am and to be honest I didn’t know any better. My way of dealing with life was abusing alcohol and using rage to control my surroundings. What I didn’t realise is that I was protecting the hurt little boy deep inside of me, I had a rough childhood with many traumas which followed me into my adult life. By keeping all that trauma in and suppressing my emotions my body was frail and brittle, my mind was distorted and I was heading down a very destructive path, I didn’t know who I was and I felt like I had no purpose in life. But the day came where I had no choice but to face myself and take responsibility for my life. I started to let all the stuck energy, the traumas, the repressed emotions flow out of me. Each time I let go of that stuck energy I found more of who I truly am, I found my true power, I found my mission in life, I found freedom…. I always said from the first time I stepped foot on this new mission “If Steven J Todd can do this then anyone can”

I believe we all inherently want to be free and the reality is it is our own selves that is keeping us from our own freedom. We only have one shot at this life so why not make the most of it… No longer will we walk around as disempowered men, the world is waiting for us to show up in our full power and all we need to do is show up for ourselves.

4. The pitch/Solution


Well brother the good news is that no matter where you are at and no matter what your past consists of you can always start your new journey right now. Freedom is available for all of us. By having the willingness to step up and go beyond old thinking patterns, challenge old behaviours and letting go of old stuck energy you can create any life you want. This is where I come in as your personal coach, I will help you to see your mental blocks so you can break through them, I will lovingly call you on your shit when needed, I will hold you accountable to your new agreements and new action steps, if the times get tough (change isn’t always easy, but well worth it) I will have your back and be guiding you through it all, I will celebrate all your wins and breakthroughs with you and I will help you find your edge so you can grow at the pace that is perfect for you. We will identify what you truly value in life and build a life around your deepest truth. I have a set of tools that I use with my clients which not only helps to interrupt old patterns but also gets your energy flowing, the more we keep our energy flowing the easier we can grow and the easier we can achieve our goals. A man on his mission is a powerful force. A man on his mission is not only serving himself in the highest way but also his loved ones, his friends, his community and ultimately this whole planet. You are more powerful than you may think brother, it’s time to access this power and unleash it into the world.

5. The evidence

Doing this deep work has not been easy but throughout this journey I have found my true strength. Facing myself going inwards to overcome my fears and limitations. I truly believe in this work especially with keeping the energy moving with various breathing techniques and qigong. Heres what one of the bros I worked with has to say….


6. The Offer

Heres how we can work together

This is a 10 week 1:1 programme where you and I will work together on a weekly basis identifying your blocks and moving beyond them to create a life that flows more in harmony with your highest truth. I will walk beside you as we journey together to build strategies to achieve the goals and desired outcomes that you are looking for. Each and every time I work with a client it is different because there is no one box that we all fit into, we are all born with different strengths and we are also born with certain challenges, we can build up your strengths to full power and address any challenges that may be holding you back. We will dive deep together to create your new life of freedom and I'm willing to show up for my clients 100% every time.

The programme will include:

Weekly Calls new.png

In the calls we will be diving deep to discover what has been holding you back, identifying core beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore, implementing strategies and action plans to grow and move beyond any limitations so you can achieve your goals and build up your life vision

Breathwork for mens coaching page (2).png

Week 3,6 and 9 I will be taking you through a 1 hour breathwork session. Breathwork is a good way to release old stuck energy from the body and helps to release old limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind which will bring more clarity and freedom to all areas of your life. I will also be training you in other breathing practices which you can do on a daily basis to keep life flowing. More about breathwork HERE

Core Values new.png

We will identify your core values, what they mean to you on the deepest level and build your life up according to them. I believe goals are secondary to core values. When you are living your life by your core values you are authentically living your truth. When you are living your truth you are in alignment with life and life flows much smoother.

Accountability new.png

While growth can at times be hard especially when we are forging new habits, beliefs and behaviours it’s important that you stay focused on your mission. I am there to hold you accountable to your action steps each week. As men we can often find it hard to ask for help but there is real magic when you have someone supporting and encouraging you all the way.

Comfort Zone Challenges.png

Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end...because in the end, it shows you a whole new world.... Manoj Arora.

Change and growth really does begin when we are outside of our comfort zone. Each week we will establish a challenge for you to really push yourself beyond what you believed you were capable of.


The ancient Chinese art form of moving energy around ones body and absorbing universal life force to maintain good health and keep the energy flowing. Qigong is very simple for people of all ages. Similar to Tai Chi you stand in various postures connecting your breath with a particular movement of the body which helps to keep your energy flowing. I have recorded different postures which I will send to you throughout the 10 weeks I will also coach you through the postures to make sure you’re in alignment. More about Qigong HERE

7. The close- (create scarcity)

I only take on 5 men at any given time. Which means that spaces are always limited. I work with Men who are willing to do the work and show up for themselves. Men who are willing to do what is necessary to make deep sustainable change in their life and Men who are committed to their journey through thick and thin. Sound like you brother? Book in your free half hour video call to see if we are vibing together.

Investment for the 10 week journey: $ (payment plans are available)